Visceral and Fascia Therapy

What is visceral mobility?

Your organs are soft and need to move inside your body to do their jobs. Visceral mobility is how well your organs can contract and release and squish as needed. Overburdened or damaged organs can develop adhesions and scar tissue that makes them less pliable. When the fascia — the connective tissue and fluid around organs — becomes stiff, it limits their movement and pliability and hinders your organs’ function.


This carries through to the rest of your body, and there are two main ideas behind why. First there’s the logic that the entire body is innervated, so problems on the organ side of the nerve carry through the length of the nerve to muscles and limbs. The second idea is that stiff fascia around an organ formed because there was a problem, and that’s your body’s way of protecting vulnerable spots. Once the problem resolves, the fascia remains. Your whole body’s movement stems from your core, and pain and tightness from your organs sends the signal to limit movement from the parts of your body that will expose the vulnerable area.

Visceral mobility isn’t well researched, but my guess is, it’s a combination of the two. Your organs and systems do not exist in a vacuum. Your whole body is connected and constantly communicating in ways science hasn’t discovered yet.

What is visceral manipulation?

Visceral manipulation involves abdominal massage that combines pressing, deep strokes, and friction to strip away the adhesions. The goal is to restore the pliable, mobile state that helps your organs get the circulation, nutrients, and suppleness they need to function properly.

Benefits of visceral manipulation

You have to experience it to believe it. There’s nothing like feeling your muscles and joints release and realign, all because someone worked on your abdominal cavity for a while.

Anecdotally, people report improvements in many areas, like:

  • Reduced chronic muscle pain

  • Less bloating and constipation

  • Improvements with uterine fibroids and cysts

  • Reduced joint pain

  • Improved sciatica

  • Relief from carpal tunnel

  • Less trouble from “old” injuries

  • Diminished symptoms of fibromyalgia

  • Improved digestion

Time required is only about 50 minutes.

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