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Prenatal Pregnancy massage can be done to prepare the body for pregnancy, to balance hormones and support with the aid of conception. Stimulating neurolymphatic, foot reflexology points.

First trimester massage 0-12 week massage: there is no risk of miscarriage. Our aim is to continue to balance the body and support fetus remaining embedded in the uterus.

Pregnancy massage 13-40 weeks: while every pregnancy is unique, the changes to the body as a baby grows often cause discomfort. This massage can help relieve some of these symptoms along with other benefits for the parent-to-be like: reliefing pain, reducing swelling, providing better sleep and relaxation and reducing stress.
The client will be properly positioned and supported during the massage for the comfort and safety of the mother and growing baby.

Post Pregnancy massage is great to return the mother to a non pregnant homeostasis and ease muscular physological fatigue and balance the whole body's system.


Prenatal/Pregnancy/Post  Pregnancy Massage

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