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Prenatal Pregnancy Program

This 12 week course can be done to prepare your body for pregnancy, to balance hormones and support with the aid of conception.

The massage includes back, legs, arms, abdomen, neck, shoulders, head&face and feet.

It stimulates your neurolymphatic's reflex points on your back, lymphatic drainage points and acupressure points on feet.

There's a large discount on this whole course because obviously we can't promise that you get pregnant at the end of the treatment but it can happen and it is really good for your body, mind and soul.

We offer 12 sessions for 10!

£550 instead of £660 for £12 sessions.

You can pay in installments. £55 each in the first 10 sessions.

Please note that this treatment is a strictly weekly course for 12 weeks and the price is offered for only this period.

Please book online or call us. We are looking forward to helping you

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