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Monika Balogh

My name is Monika Balogh and I am a Certified Massage Therapist.

I became a massage therapist because I want to make a difference in peoples’ lives.  

My background has taught me how important and life changing a massage can be. I suffered muscle tension, headache and much more. An hour or more massage not only helped  me  with my pain but free my mind and I got relaxed. I would like to share this very good experience with you so you can get the benefit for your life as well.

My goal is to provide each client with an individualized therapeutic session in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere.

Every treatment begins with a  consultation, where I will listen to and understand your needs. This will ensure that you will get the most benefit from the treatment.

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Zita Zatyko

Welcome to the work I do as a qualified Massage Therapist.
I am Hungarian and a world champion athlete in three different sports that helps me to understand the body and its pain.

2011, 2014 WBF World Champion – Professional Boxing (Hungary, Germany)
2009 World Champion – Kyokushin Karate (Japan)
2007 WAKO World Champion – Kick-Boxing (Serbia)
7's Rugby Player and Fitness Coach (Hungary)

My Mum was one of the most excellent masseuses and I always wondered her work and skill that helped lots of people.
I became a masseuse in 2015. I work with people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, and I have a genuine passion for people's well-being and helping them to reach their goals and remain healthy, both physically and mentally.

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WORLD CHAMPION THERAPIST - I was fortunate enough to meet my fellow therapist, Zita recently. We swapped massage treatment and I am impressed with her caring nature and healing touch. Her deep tissue massage is perfect for myself and have no hesitation in recommend her therapeutic treatment to anyone.
Champion treatment from Champion therapist.



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Having had massages all over the world and in particular with some of Thailand very best experts I feel confident I know a good massage when I get one and at Zizu I got a very skilled massage that left my sore arms feeling renewed. My whole body relaxed but if you have a particular sore part of your body from work related stresses let her know and she will be sure to get those sores away. Will visit again. I highly recommend it.


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Over the years, being an acrobat, I have had many massages. I consider Zita's to be the best. Her background in sport, ensures her massage is firm and her knowledge of the body from years in professional sport determines her knowledge in where to apply pressure. Her presence is warm and optimistic and therefore excellent customer service. I would recommend her massages to all.