Dear Customers,
We are getting in touch to let you know that we have to be closing our services until further notice unfortunately.
This decision was made in the light of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and recent UK government advice.
We have been carefully monitoring and following the current circumstances and deeply value our customers and their health and well-being is our number one priority during this difficult time.
We know this challenging time increases stress so muscle pain and mental problems. We DO WANT TO HELP!
If you require any help on any problems you have visited our place with, or you've got any new problems as our new client, please reach out to us on 07519203234 or info@zizuedinburgh.com.
We can help by giving advice on self-massaging, stretching and excercise.
We can contact by a phone call, Skype, Messenger or WhatsApp.
We wish health, positive thoughts and love to everyone!

22nd March 2020 - Mother's Day
Gift Cards are available now!
A Mother’s Love:
Of all the special joys in life, 
The big ones and the small, 
A mother’s love and tenderness 
Is the greatest of them all. 
~ Anon

Discount Days take place on the 12th and 26th March 2020

£15 OFF!

60 minute Swedish/Deep Tissue massage for only £40

A regularly scheduled Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage session allows us to keep a check on how your muscles, joint restrictions and soft tissues are doing, address any budding imbalances before they cause a problem affecting your enjoyment in training, exercise, hobbies or work.

We help you to organize this by our Discount Day on the last Thursday each month with a 27% off.

Our clients report many benefits besides the physical relief of pain, niggles and tension they feel psychologically more relaxed and prepared for daily and exercise challenges. Our clients come from all ages and backgrounds and include those that use daily repetitive movements and build up muscle tension, the desk bound hounds, those in physical jobs, mums and dads with small children.

Available appointments:


  09.45  -   10.45

   10.55   -   11.55

  12.10  -   13.10

 13.20  -  14.20

 14.30  -  15.30

 16.00  -  17.00

 17.10  -  18.10

 18.20  -  19.20

  19.30  -  20.30

 20.40  -  21.40

Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment.


You will be asked to pay £10 deposit when you make an appointment. You can transfer it through bank account.

''I’ve just had the best massage ever! I’ve been to many massage places in many countries and often find that those in Asia are better than in any European countries but today Zita proved me wrong. She is truly a gem amongst masseuse. Make an appointment and prepare to be in heaven! Trust me when I tell you that she is great!''

(Fatimah Osman-Ahmad)

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