Rachel Smith

I’m Rachel Smith (Cert.Hyp CS) a hypnotherapist based in Edinburgh and I help people to truly feel like themselves.

I came to hypnotherapy through my own personal experience, realising that hypnotherapy is actually really powerful – and works.

I take this responsibility very seriously and am a firm believer that our actions and behaviours come from somewhere, so getting to the root cause of these can help us to make those changes where we really can change our lives completely – even when we thought it wasn’t possible.

I got you, we really can do this.

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What’s Included?

Pick a day and time that's good for you and I'll give you a call so we can chat about the changes you're going to make. You can ask questions about hypnotherapy and can get a sense of what I'm like and if you'd like to work with me.
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Please give me 24 hour notice to reschedule our booked consultations, failing that, it is only fair to charge 50% cancellation fee, or 100% cancellation fee if inside 24 hours.

Initial Consultation - What’s Included?

  • If you’re certain you’d like to work with me please go ahead and make your first appointment – this is where we’ll talk about what’s going on for you and make a plan. It’s a lot of chat in the first session because this is where I get most of the information I’ll use in your hypnosis so we can get right into it in your next session.
  • This is the first session for information gathering about your situation and what direction you’d like to take your hypnotherapy in. It includes your first session of hypnosis.


Weight Loss Package - What’s Included?

  • Please select the day and time of your first session. It will be 90 minutes long and includes a session of hypnosis. We can then schedule in next three 60 minute sessions. If you would prefer we can do it one 60 minute session at a time which is £60.

The Power of Reprogramming with hypnosis

The therapy aspect of hypnotherapy involves counselling skills, enabling us to explore the root causes of your relationship with food so we can change the fundamental things holding back your weight loss. In hypnosis we can change how you perceive and feel about problem foods, as well as reshape your self-beliefs. When deep down worthiness issues cripple your weight loss, hypnotherapy can instil kindness and elevate self-esteem, fostering genuine energetic motivation to transform your lifestyle. Many clients report feeling like their authentic selves again.
These hypnotherapy sessions address attitudes toward problem foods, promoting aversion or controlled consumption to kick off your weight loss. We increase your desire for healthy foods and bring in motivation for exercise and reaching your weight loss goals. Throughout the hypnosis itself I use suggestions to boost your self-esteem, promote self-confidence, and foster a positive self-image. Additionally, we work together to shift long-held negative self-beliefs that may have hindered your weight loss progress for years. Most importantly, we help you discover sustainable alternatives to the benefits you once found in your old lifestyle. There must have been reasons for maintaining that lifestyle instead of shooting for weight loss, and our goal is to identify healthier substitutes we can suggest in hypnosis.

Take the First Step

If you’re ready to embark on your journey to lasting weight loss and a healthier, more confident you. Get in touch and book a free phone consultation and let’s start this transformative journey together, I’ll be happy to hear from you!

Quit Smoking Package - What’s Included?

  • Choose a day and time that’s good for you and when you think you’ll be ready, it’s a two hour session and it includes a follow up (or even two if you feel better with more support in place) if you think you need it, I’ve not had anyone need the second one yet.

Exactly what it says – hypnotherapy to get you off tobacco or vaping. The session is two hours – it’s really in depth, and we’ll talk about your history of smoking and vaping to make sure we get all of the reasons why you’ve been addicted so long. To quit smoking with hypnotherapy almost sounds too easy, I get that. Hypnotherapy works to require your mind so that to quit smoking with hypnosis really can be that easy, to just walk out a non smoker. It can be difficult to talk about some of the ways you’re attached to smoking – I’ve been there! But if you really do want to quit smoking then it’s nothing compared to how difficult your life could end up being if you remain a smoker.

It’s getting your health back too
We’ll work with hypnosis to include the benefits you’ll get from walking out a non smoker. How your health improves dramatically (it begins immediately too) and all the things you’ll be able to do again, and ensure you’ll be able to do in the future -not to mention the money you’ll save. Hypnosis to quit smoking might feel like a large financial outlay in one go, especially at the minute! Think about how much you’re spending on tobacco or vape liquid? Go further, how much have you spent on it in the last year? or more? So I get it, it might seem like a lot of cash to stop smoking with hypnotherapy but once you walk out a non smoker you’ll not be shelling out for your habit again.

But will I put on loads of weight or drink more?
When we get into the session we can include things like this in the hypnosis to quit smoking. You know yourself the best, you know what you’re likely to turn to or where you might begin to look for support – this is why we have a deep dive into the benefits you had and how you deal with cravings. That way, when we get into the hypnosis to quit smoking we’re prepared with suggestions so you don’t eat yourself into a situation or spend your reclaimed cigarette money in the pub!

The hypnosis is tailored to what you need from it – and that comes from you, you know you and what you need. I’m here to help you get there.

Hypnotherapy: A Different Approach
Hypnotherapy can help mitigate any cravings and head them off before they begin, making them completely manageable and having solutions in place for any strong triggers. If you have found the battle within yourself particularly tough – as in you know there is part of you that has taken great benefit from smoking – and as long as you strongly believe you still want to quit and want to quit with hypnosis, we can bring together the two parts of you to reach an agreement in hypnotherapy, the part who would like to remain and the part who wants to quit smoking. It’s a very effective method to use in hypnosis to quit smoking.

For others it could be just the physical nicotine and hand-occupying habits that are hardest to quit. There are ways of speaking to your subconscious to rewire those physical habits. It sounds like hypnotherapy to quit smoking is a catch all – but it really can be, that’s what makes it such an effective and successful medium to help people quit smoking. It really is amazing.

Two hours and that’s it – you’re a non smoker.
An intensive two hour session to quit smoking with hypnosis. We get into it and get on with it! And the session can even be fun, it’s a celebration and an amazing achievement! I know personally how hard it is to quit and I think that decision should be celebrated. Before you come for the Let’s Quit Smoking Hypnosis it’s best if you get rid of anything and everything in your living/working/driving space that is related to smoking. Get it done before you come for the appointment and it’s out of the way giving you a clean slate the second you walk out the door, helps to prepare your mind too.

Anxiety Package - What’s Included?

  • Please select the day and time of your first session. It will be 90 minutes long and includes a session of hypnosis. We can then schedule in next three 60 minute sessions. If you would prefer we can do it one 60 minute session at a time which is £60.

Rediscover Peace and Confidence with Hypnotherapy
Are anxiety and stress taking a toll on your life? I specialise in helping you regain control and finding peace. My approach combines CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) techniques with hypnosis. I understand that anxiety can stem from many different triggers and at times make you feel powerless.

My Approach
My goal is to provide effective solutions to manage your anxiety and stress. Together, we’ll explore ways to deal with stressors in your life while addressing the anxiety from the unknown and that might come with change. We work on soothing triggers and bringing different responses for them, allowing your subconscious to recognise safety and relaxation in those situations. With hypnosis we can help to reframe some of the stressors and unknown worries in your life.

Boosting Confidence
In addition to addressing stress and anxiety, we focus on boosting self-esteem and confidence. This essential aspect of the approach complements the work to alleviate anxiety, offering you a path to emotional well-being that considers your mind and your physical symptoms.

Getting Started
Whether you prefer in-person sessions or online, we can work with what suits you. I offer initial hour-long sessions to gather information and explore your situation informally. Alternatively, opt for a ninety-minute initial session, which includes the comprehensive discussion and hypnosis.

Self-Esteem & Confidence Package - What’s Included?

  • Please select the day and time of your first session. It will be 90 minutes long and includes a session of hypnosis. We can then schedule in next three 60 minute sessions. If you would prefer we can do it one 60 minute session at a time which is £60.

Hypnotherapy for Restoring Confidence and Self-Esteem in Edinburgh
Whether in person or through online sessions, our hypnotherapy services are designed to empower you with renewed self-confidence and self-esteem. The impact of hypnotherapy in this context is nothing short of amazing. It excels at reshaping our core beliefs, particularly the way we perceive ourselves.

It’s how we talk to ourselves too
We often find ourselves in the grips of an unrelenting inner critic, a voice echoing harsh judgments, sometimes even resembling the disapproving tone of a family member. This constant self-critique adds unnecessary pressure and leaves us feeling perpetually disheartened. When we continually berate ourselves, our self-belief wanes, and our self-worth takes a hit. We’d never treat loved ones or friends this way, but we tolerate this negative self-talk. Hypnotherapy holds the key to silencing this inner critic, allowing a gentler, more nurturing voice to emerge. It supports us in realizing our inherent worth, reminding us that we are valuable, capable, and more than capable of achieving what our lack of confidence may suggest otherwise.

The Cycle of Negative Self-Perception
The more we dwell on negative self-perceptions, the deeper these beliefs embed themselves in our subconscious. Our minds are constantly bombarded with these negative thoughts, reinforcing our sense of unworthiness. The subconscious begins to collect “evidence” supporting these beliefs, even if they originated from unfounded, unkind comments or a series of setbacks. This erosion of self-esteem and confidence leads to a decline in the things we once enjoyed, isolating us further. In professional settings, a lack of confidence can result in missed opportunities, stagnant careers, and a sense of unfulfillment. It’s a domino effect, impacting various aspects of life and even manifesting as physical symptoms, significantly affecting mental health.

Hypnotherapy: A Different Approach
The ‘therapy’ aspect of hypnotherapy involves utilizing counselling skills to explore the root causes of your self-relationship challenges. We investigate and understand the origins, allowing us to transform your perception of those initial events. During hypnosis, we can suggest to your subconscious that these events remain in the past and no longer hold power over you in the present. Hypnosis also equips you with tools to manage the physical symptoms that arise when your confidence is tested.

Unlocking Your Inner Compassion
If deep down, you don’t feel worthy, your subconscious will continually seek evidence to support this belief. It’s time to reshape that internal dialogue into something kinder and more supportive. Let us boost your self-esteem and self-confidence, rewiring your subconscious, so you can finally be your true self once again.

Dreams & Sleep- What’s Included?

  • Please select the day and time of your first free call. We can then schedule in the next 60 minute session which is £60.

Hypnotherapy In Edinburgh for Improved Sleep and Dream Management
Experience the transformative power of hypnotherapy for sleep and dreams, available through both in-person sessions in Edinburgh and convenient online sessions. If intrusive dreams or sleep issues are affecting your well-being, hypnotherapy offers a deeply relaxing approach that can help you achieve better sleep and regain control over your dreams.

Navigating the World of Sleep
You’ve likely heard about ‘Sleep Hygiene’ and may be diligently following these guidelines in your quest for a restful night’s sleep. Sleep is undeniably vital, and you may be at the point where any improvement in your sleep patterns would make a significant difference. Sleep difficulties often create a cycle, leaving you exhausted, desperately seeking rest, worrying about sleep, and eventually lying awake, unable to find slumber. It’s a frustrating cycle, and perhaps you’ve experienced moments when you drift off just in time to hear your alarm ring.

Fear of Intrusive Dreams
Maybe your reluctance to sleep is due to the unsettling dreams it ushers in. These dreams may feel hyper-real, blurring the line between sleep and wakefulness. They could even start interfering with your daily life, becoming a distraction and a source of distress.

Unlocking the Potential of Hypnotherapy
For sleep issues, hypnotherapy can reprogram your mind regarding sleep processes. It breaks the cycle of sleep-related worries and fosters a strong connection between the desire for sleep and its successful attainment in any sleeping environment. If deep-seated concerns are keeping you awake, we can address those as well. In the deeply relaxing state of hypnosis, we can provide your subconscious with suggestions to reconfigure how it deals with and executes sleep.
When it comes to dreams, hypnotherapy achieves the best results when we address underlying issues or emotions in your life. Dreams often become problematic when there are unresolved matters that your mind and body need to process. By gently delving into these issues and providing relief, we often find that dream disturbances also subside. It’s beneficial to include suggestions during hypnosis to induce a relaxing state before bedtime, which can seamlessly transition into a peaceful night’s sleep.
Whether you prefer in-person sessions in Edinburgh, online sessions, or a combination of both, we can do what works for you. You can schedule a free consultation call directly through the calendar below or send a message via the form at the bottom of the page.