Our Approach

We work with people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, and we have a genuine passion for people’s well-being and helping them to reach their goals and remain healthy, both physically and mentally.


Zita Zatyko, Massage Therapist

2011, 2014 WBF World Champion – Professional Boxing
2009 World Champion – Kyokushin Karate
2007 WAKO World Champion – Kick-Boxing
​7’s Rugby Player and Fitness Coach

  • ITEC Level 3 Full Body Massage, Glasgow 2022
  • ITEC Infection Prevention (COVID), Glasgow 2022
  • EU Diploma in Swedish Massage Therapy, Cellulite Massage,
  • Foot Massage, Head&Face Massage – Hungary, 2015.
  • Massage Masterclass Level 2 Diploma in Sport Massage
  • Therapy, Medical Massage, Indian Head Massage, Lomi Lomi
  • Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Baby massage – New Skills Academy 2017.
  • O.A. Diploma – Aromatherapy January 2017.
  • EU Diploma in Sport Rugby Coach – Hungary, 2010.
  • Diploma in Social Security Advisor – University of Szeged,
  • Hungary, Faculty of Law, 2009.
  • EU Diploma in Accounting, Hungary Business School 2001

Our team

Carina MacKenzie MacGillivray

Reiki Therapist

I accredited as a nutritionist and became a member of the Royal Society Public Health RSPH. I feel very excited about officially offer my service and share my knowledge and experience with others who would like to improve their approach and quality of life.

Renata Barakso

Nutritional Therapist

It is my life passion to help others and what better way to do this through Reiki to demonstrate the power of the life force energy that runs through all of us. Bringing peace, contentment, happiness and overall heath and wellbeing.

Lina Vaitkute

Beautician & Aesthetic

My commitment to you is to help you look and feel the very best version of yourself. I am one of the best options to help you solve that problem that bothers you or apply the appropriate techniques to highlight your beauty.

Rachel Smith


I’m Rachel Smith (Cert.Hyp CS) a hypnotherapist based in Edinburgh and I help people to truly feel like themselves. I came to hypnotherapy through my own personal experience, realising that hypnotherapy is actually really powerful – and works. I take this responsibility very seriously and am a firm believer that our actions and behaviours come from somewhere, so getting to the root cause of these can help us to make those changes where we really can change our lives completely – even when we thought it wasn’t possible. I got you, we really can do this.