Nutritional Therapist

Renata Barakso

I have always thought that I lived a healthy lifestyle since I had an active childhood doing swimming, gymnastics, martial art from early years and then running and weightlifting later on in life, whilst eating cooked food on a regular basis and yet I was diagnosed with high cholesterol in my teens by my GP. I wasn’t overly keen on being on medication and regular check-ups for the rest of my life, so I followed their advice for a while but was searching for alternative solutions. I wanted to understand what went wrong, so I found a few specialists and attended nutrition courses to get ideas what to change in my diet. This new direction soon resulted in an excellent blood test, and I never needed those tablets ever again. Working in childcare for over a decade, I also witnessed how bad the kid’s diet was and I wanted to do something about it. I was also born with a bicuspid aortic valve heart problem and had to undergo two surgeries. The recovery period was half of what was expected, thanks to knowing how to prepare and keep my body in excellent condition. In order to help others, I accredited as a nutritionist and became a member of the Royal Society Public Health RSPH. I feel very excited about officially offer my service and share my knowledge and experience with others who would like to improve their approach and quality of life.

​” I am over 60 woman. I had a high blood pressure for ages. I hardly ever wanted to take medication for it. When I met Rena.nutrition she offered me a tailored programme. It’s been more than a few months now we are working together. This personalised menu and the daily activity showed the great result. I lost a few kilogram what is actually the positive side effect, my waist shrunk 5 cm what is a huge achivement for me. Also my blood pressure went down from 180 to 130. I don’t need to take medication just keep the healthy lifestyle. I don’t have a sugar craving either, what helps me a lot.. I am more than happy that finally I decided to work with Rena.nutrition. I am so glad that how positively changed my life. I strongly recommend her from my heart.”- Katalin Tisza, UK

​” I am a 44 years old mum with two young children. I had a plan in my head to be healthier, look more skinnier and have energy on the daily basis. Guess what? My plan didn’t work. So, I needed an expert. I started to work with Rena.nutrition alias Renata. I got support all the way what to eat and what to do. I received so many recipes. I have been taught how to exercise for my body type. I got videos what I used ( Renata also created me a personal exercise plan ) what built up my strenght step by step. It was perfectly well designed, so I could put in my busy lifestyle. I never thought I would feel so good in my body again. I lost weight exactly what I wanted and look again like before giving birth. I would like to thank you Renata for all your help and support, because YOU CHANGED MY LIFE FOR GOOD. I strongly reocmmend her to anyone. “-Fruzsina H., UK

20-Minute Discovery Call


What’s Included?

Free consultation about health goals and what service would be the best for new clients. The free 20-minute Discovery Call is the perfect opportunity for you to tell me more about you and your health and ask me as many questions as you need to. I will provide you with more information on the next steps and how we can work together.
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Basic Package


What’s Included?

4 day nutritional analysis of food diary, comprehensive analysis of health questionnaire, research prior to consultation, 2 day written bespoke diet plan, one to one remote consultation, body measurements, health goal programme, supplement recommendation if needed. This package does not include any clinical tests or any supplement prices. Please read the cancellation policy.
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Follow-Up Consultation


What’s Included?

Research prior to consultation, 1 day nutritional analysis of food diary, shopping and cooking ideas, time-management. Please read cancellation policy.
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Health Kick Start


What’s Included?

4 days nutritional analysis of food diary and the following three weeks once a week, body measurements, comprehensive analysis of health questionaire, research prior to weekly consultation, 2 days of written bespoke diet plan, remote consultation (total 240 mins), supplement reommendation if needed. This package does not include any clinical tests or any supplement prices. Please read the cancellation policy.
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Advanced Package and Saving


What’s Included?

3 times 4 day nutritional analysis of food diary, comprehensive anaysis of healt questionare, 2 day written bespoke diet plan, recepies, shopping and cooking ideas, time-management, body measurements in each month, researh prior to consultations (total 400 mins), supplement recommendation if needed. This price does not include any clinical tests or any supplements. Please read cancellation policy.
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Please give me 48 hour notice to reschedule our booked consultations, failing that, it is only fair to charge 50% cancellation fee, or 100% cancellation fee if inside 24 hours.