Reiki Healing

Carina MacKenzie MacGillivray

I previously worked in big corporations as an Analyst most of my life and juggled working a full time job with a couple of part time jobs to make ends meet as a working mother of two children. I had suffered from severe panic attacks and anxiety for years, which was my ‘normal’ as big Pharma medication did not heal or even reduce my symptoms. Little did I know back then when our bodies are in survival mode (stress) we open up our sympathetic nervous system which produces adrenaline and cortisol. When the body is in this continuous state we then begin to create disease within our bodies. Over time I began experiencing a number of physical ailments thanks to a hiatus hernia in my oesophagus causing severe heart burn, reflux, indigestion and other symptoms. I also had re-occurring helicobacter-pylori which came with some embarrassing symptoms! Even the strongest of antibiotics could not cure me. I did take medication daily to try and reduce all these symptoms, but had no success.

Then my world changed dramatically after a marriage split, suffering financial shock and dealing with grief from the loss of my dear Father. I discovered energy healing during this transitional period which provoked my own healing journey.

I have always had a keen interest in metaphysics, spirituality, quantum physics and many healing modifies being an avid reader and learner. However I never gave myself the time in my busy life to apply any of this knowledge I built up and learnt over the years. Although I had many tools to help support me through this dark period, a friend recommended Reiki.

At this time I received a number of Reiki Sessions, I had no expectations and just looking for peace of mind during that difficult time in my life. I felt so calm and relaxed, I just wanted to experience more so I decided to train in Usui Reiki level I and II for my own self-development. After 3 weeks I noticed my panic attacks and anxiety had disappeared, this was a by-product of receiving energy healing and becoming more self aware. I continued to receive Reiki and eventually came off my daily medication as my physical symptoms began to reduce over time.I am walking proof that energy healing works as I have healed all my mental health and not had a panic attack or experienced anxiety since, nor have I taken any more medication since my physical ailments disappeared.

I have also used energy healing on an acute injury when I burnt my hand. The pain was excruciating and had a 3×3 inch blister appearing on the palm of my hand. After suffering for several hours I decided to raise my vibration and do energy healing on myself. After only ten short minutes did the pain subside and the blister literally reversed in size. I have never felt so much awe and gratitude in my life. The power we hold within ourselves (Ki Life Force Energy) is all powerful and amazing.

It is my life passion to help others and what better way to do this through Reiki to demonstrate the power of the life force energy that runs through all of us. Bringing peace, contentment, happiness and overall heath and wellbeing.

What is Reiki - “Energy is all there is "

Reiki is an energy – The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. When we use this in healing, it acts holistically, affecting all of the energies that compromise the human body, or animals or anything else in the natural world.

First you have to understand that everything is energy, without getting into the detail, Quantum Physics has proved every atom in everything that exists is 99.999% energy and only 0.0001% is matter, therefore you are made up of more energy than actual solid matter. Human Beings are also comprised of electromagnetic energy, and every cell, atom and subatomic particle that makes up the human body is vibrating at different rates depending upon their biochemical make up.

Scientist & Professor Valerie .V Hunt’s pioneering research of human bio-energy and the application of that research evaluating alternative treatments such as Reiki (hands-on healing), to measure changes in bio-energetic frequencies of the human body. Recording the output at sites on the body (chakras) with some very interesting results.

The electromagnetic output of the whole body can be measured using an electro-myograph, with the normal biological frequency of the human body being 250cps (cycles per second). This was evidenced when Professor Hunt carried out a number of experiments on a variety of people, but when the tests are carried out on people who used or were receiving healing energies (such as Reiki), it was found that their energy frequencies registered in a band between 400 and 800cps. This pioneering research and study provided scientific evidence to prove that energy healing can raise ones vibrational energetic frequency. Science, therefore has finally confirmed something that has been part of the spiritual wisdom of many cultures for thousands of years; that an unseen energy flows through and connects to all living things.

On another note all our thoughts, words, intentions are all energetic frequencies. If you are prone to negative thinking your mind and body vibrate at a lower frequency which can have an impact on your mental and physical health if balance is not restored. Why is this relevant to Reiki? because this new science actually now explains that when we experience ‘good health’ it means that we are achieving a state of perfect subatomic communication between every part of the body; ‘ill health‘ is a state where that communication breaks down, so basically we become ill when our energy waves are out of synch.

I am fully trained in traditional Usui Reiki, I also use Quantum Healing Touch were I raise my vibration and work intuitively to place my hands several inches off and occasionally on the client’s body to allow Reiki energy flow through me and my hands onto the client to restore balance within their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies by raising the client’s bio-energy field. I do not see myself as a ‘healer’ but simply a vehicle to allow the channeling of ‘Ki’ Life Force Energy through me which then resonates with the client’s energetic field, raising their vibration which creates an ideal environment for healing to take place.

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